无标题文章boom 1.N-COUNT 可数名词(经济的)繁荣,景气 If there is a boom in the economy, there is an increase in economic activity, for example in the amount of things that are being bought and sold.【搭配模式】:usu singAn economic boom followed, especially in housing and construction...接着出现了经济繁荣,尤其是在房地产业和建筑业。2.N-COUNT 可数名词(尤指为找到或杀死某人而悬赏的)赏金,奖金 A bounty is money that is offered as a reward for doing something, especially for finding or killing a particular person.A bounty of $50,000 was put on Dr. Alvarez's head...有人悬赏50,000美元买阿尔瓦雷斯博士的人头。breach 1.VERB 动词违反,破坏(条约、法律或承诺) If you breach an agreement, a law, or a promise, you break it.【语法信息】:V nThe newspaper breached the code of conduct on privacy...该报违反了保护隐私的行为准则。carve out 动词开创(事业);赢得(工作) If you carve a career or a niche for yourself, you succeed in getting the career or the position that you want by your own efforts.clamour in AM, use 美国英语用 clamor1.VERB 动词大声要求;愤怒疾呼 If people are clamouring for something, they are demanding it in a noisy or angry way.compound .VERB 动词使恶化;使复杂化;加重 To compound a problem, difficulty, or mistake means to make it worse by adding to it.【语法信息】:V n【语域标签】:FORMAL 正式Additional bloodshed and loss of life will only compound the tragedy...额外的流血和牺牲只会加重这场悲剧。The problem is compounded by the medical system here.这儿的医疗体制使问题进一步恶化。.PHRASE 短语自相矛盾的说法 If you say that something is a contradiction in terms, you mean that it is described as having a quality that it cannot have.Day 9 神词神句组:神句组:It is tempting to believe that the security problem can be solved with yet more technical wizardry and a call for heightened vigilance.很多人都会认为网络会在更先进的科技和提高的警惕下更安全。That requires a kind of cultivated paranoia which does not come naturally to non-tech firms.这就要求一种不会自然而然出现在非科技公司中的文明化偏执。Such weaknesses are compounded by the history of the internet, in which security was an afterthought.网络安全的历史是一种时候补救,而这历史也让网络加剧被黑客侵入。Computer security is best served by encryption that is strong for everyone.让所有人收益的加密技术让网络更安全。A firm that takes reasonable steps to make things safe, but which is compromised nevertheless, will have recourse to an insurance payout that will stop it from going bankrupt.公司尽管名誉受损,但是采取了合理的措施让网络安全,那他们就会寻求保险赔付,让他们免于破产的压力。But setting minimum standards still gets you only so far.但是设置最低标准只会让你进步这么多。Silicon valley’s “go fast and break things” style of innovation is possible only if firms have relative free rein to put out new products while they still need perfecting.只有当硅谷公司不完全的产品在相对自由的情况下发售,他们才可能实现富有成效的"快速发展"的革新。神词组:Take security serious enough:非常认真对待网络安全Take advantage of:利用Point of illicit entry:非法进入点Create incentives for safer behavior:创造能形成更安全行为的激励性手段Refrain from doing sth: 避免做什么Spark calls for:激发对什么的呼吁Hamper the ability of:阻碍做什么Oblige sb to do sth:迫使某人做什么Disclaim liability for:否认对什么的责任Draw comparisons to:和什么做比较Lax attitude:松懈的态度Come down hard with:推出更严厉的,,



Day 12 神句文档

The team contends that these bear more than a passing resemblance to the networks of bacteria that live in hydrothermal vents--towering, crenellated structures that form in the deep ocean above the boundaries between tectonic plates, where superheated mineral-laden water spurts up from beneath the seabed.


Such a find is doubly intriguing because hydrothermal vents are seen as a plausible candidate for the cradle of life.


Although the sorts of bacteria apparently found by Dr. Papineau and his colleagues are too complicated to reveal much about the very earliest organisms, the suggestion that hydrothermal vents have played host to life for so long is a strike in the theory’s favor.

尽管Papineau 博士及其同事发现的细菌种类太复杂,以至于不能揭示太多关于早期生命的发展,但是热泉长久以来孕育了生命这一观点对于理论来说都是一个打击。