【Speaking】Level 3 Unit 2 Part 1

Test 1

Listen to the sentence and repeat after it


1. You have no imagination.

2. I sure hope it isn't broken.

3. You always want to go to the same place.

4. In a solid the molecules move very little.

5. She's sleeping because she's tired.

6. When he's really angry he often shouts like this.

7. You usually do better than I do.

8. This woman enjoys gardening.

9. This old couple enjoys traveling.

Read the sentence

1. The next test will be in about two weeks.


2. Something is chasing her, so she is screaming for help.

3. Eleven students scored higher than average.

4. When we cool a substance to its freezing point, it becomes a solid.

5. She's ready to give her presentation at the meeting.

6. Over 90 percent of the Sun is hydrogen gas.

Role Play


Lisa: How did you do on yesterday's science test?

Tom: I did better than expected. How about you?

Lisa: I didn’t do very well. I expected to do better than I did.

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