20170813_Lidar data processing in ArcMAP_用ArcMAP处理lidar数据

Data: Herberg Memorial Forest lidar data in *.las format. In folder "Proclaser"

Software: ArcMap 10.3.1

Spatial reference: WGS_1984_UTM_zone_18N

Create LAS dataset

Las dataset is different from Las file in ArcMap

Creating a LAS dataset

Build DEM and DSM

1. filter


Ground: used to generated DEM

Non-ground: used for statistics

First: used to generate DSM

2. LAS dataset to raster


When creating LAS dataset, the XY Coordinate system needs to be set to unknown in order to match with plots data. I think the default coordinate system is not correct. If the coordinate system is set to others beside unknown, it can not match with plot data. In the meantime, the extent of LAS dataset will change in N-S direction.

For now, I can not find a way to correct this problem. Therefore, I will leave the coordinate system in the unknown status.

Plot statistics

For each plot:

1. Buffer with distance 11.35 m (circular plot with the radius of 11.35 m).

2. Add LAS tools to ArcToolBox

Download link: https://rapidlasso.com/lastools/

3. ArcToolBox -- LAStools -- lasClip

The toolbox needs to install in a directory name without spaces.

When specifying the output file location, name the file with .las.

4. Calculation of lidar metrics

The results I got from FUSION is similar to these from LAStools. 

To see:



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