French Learning Summary: Week 1 🇫🇷

Week 1 Journey

Week 1 Journey

Language learning is a new journey in my life. And I started that journey in 1.22:)

I had planned to take a Japanese course this year so that I can apply for PM position in abroad 2-3 years later and Japanese is easy, but I changed that plan in 1.22. It was the last work day before Spring Festival holiday, I hung out in cafes with my friends and told her my plan, inviting she to learn together. But she asked me: Why not French? So, I could not help asking myself: Why Japanese and why not French? I struggled a bit and made the decision.

What I Have Achieved in Week 1

I started my French learning via:

- Hujiang Paid Class

- Hujiang Vocabulary

- Duolingo

I don't know if the followed tools are the best tools for me to start, for they are the reliable companions in my English learning.

And what I have achieved in week 1:

- Hujiang Paid Class: L1 - L10

- Hujiang Vocabulary: Passed the P6

- Duolingo: Passed the Basic1 & Basic2 & Phrases & Animals Skills, gained 229xp

In short, I think that is a good start! And if I can shorten my pronunciation period, that is perfect!

Effective Methods I summarized

- The experience I learned in English Learning is useful, such as how to deal with pronunciation.

- Before start learning, learn about learning is necessary, such as understand the language learning journey and method: It takes 600+ hours of study & practice to reach fluency in French.

- Companion and peers pressure is effective.

- Use the PM skill in learning progress management, such as plan and measure process.

- Attempt to "produce" in French, not just comprehend it.

- Use atimelogger to track the time.