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  • On the premise that many genes and the environment act and interact to determine the trait, founders recognized that it would be difficult if not impossible to determine the action of individual trait genes.
  • Under this general premise, even the previous models of asynchrony of sexual maturity (section 7.1) and individual self-mating (chapter 5) can be conceived of as special cases of the present concept of mating predisposition.
  • The premise behind these models is that environmental conditions are the primary determinant of realized species niches, and that the future preferred range distribution of species can be predicted by transferring the environmental parameters associated with the present distribution onto maps representing future climate scenarios (Pearson and Dawson 2003).
  • One premise of GBS applications is the development of genome-wide molecular markers with high density and low cost (Heffner et al., 2009, 2010; Jannink et al., 2010).
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