【One day one question】Japan

If you could only visit one country but not your homeland during your entire life, which one would you choose?

At first there are lots of places coming across my mind, but they are all dream lands that I've never been.

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Maybe it's fine to some of you to answer it with a place you literally know it by hearing from others, by pictures, by your fantasy. I'm not this kind of person now.

Even I was on its land, or visited some of its views, I could not say I knew the country well. Isn't it? So if it's just on my to-go list, there are not enough logical reasons to answer.

I'm not sure your answer, but mine is Japan.

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I went to kansai area last year. Before the trip I thought my favourite city in Kansai would be Kyoto. It seemed so different in primitive simplicity and delicate elegance.

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However, while shrines and temples are beautiful, the traffic is horrible when I don't understand Japanese.There are only two subway lines in Kyoto. It's not convienient compared to Osaka which has several lines.

Right I find out I love Osaka better. I like places both modern and traditional, social and natural.

I know there are still a lot of people with hatred of Japan in History and politics. Let's leave this to another topic. I like this country for comfortablity and enjoyment. Clean streets, amazing hotsprings, awesome smart toilet lid, yummy Kaiseki Cuisine and sweet tatami.

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And if you want to have a brief scan of Japan, you need to visit it at least five times, once for Kansai, once for Tokyo and surroundings, once for Okinawa, another for Kyushu, and the last time for Shikoku. If you plan to know more about Japan, then it's never enough.

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