preserved eggs 尖椒皮蛋

spicy corydoras 泡椒耗儿鱼

cold dried tofu 凉拌豆干

chicken leg 烧鸡腿

Listen to me ,When you have made up you mind to do anything and everything for will become a fool deaf,blind to anything but that person .Even the pain becomes a test of love and yet you tell yourself with a sense of ridiculous innocence to be strong.听我说,当你全力以赴打算对一个人好的时候,你就变成傻子,聋子,眼里除了他什么人都没有,就连伤害,都变成了一场恋爱的检测,你还傻不兮兮地鼓励自己,安慰自己,要坚强。

Can I count on you this time 你可不可以让我依赖你一下

You're an idiot 你是蠢货

I'm still too green at these competitions 我还是缺乏比赛经验

The slender leaves, works of art by the February breeze 不知细叶谁载出,二月春风似剪刀

I never know what you're thinking 我总是不知道你在想什么

Why do men keep desserts in the friends为什么男人的冰箱总是放着甜点

Why that at moment of tearful sorrow,we still manager to smile 为什么该哭的场面,还亮出笑脸

When wil you grow up to be normal human beings .If you can't keep up the stop complaining你什么时候才能成熟点,正常点,跟不上别人脚步就不要抱怨

Take me with you你带我走吧

I with my sincerity,soothed countless lonely hearts .Every night,at this hour,my voice was always here right by your side 我用我的真诚,慰藉了无数孤独的心灵,每天晚上,这个时刻,我的声音,永远在这里,陪在大家耳边。

Please walk on and no need to turn around,I'll be waiting for you at theend of the road 请往前走,不必回来,在终点等你的人会是我

For you, love is enough .But for me,being right for each other is more important对你来说,相爱就可以。但对我来说,适合才重要。

up to you你决定


  • 朋友之上,恋人未满————成为陌生人是我们最终的结局。 我忘记什么时候记忆里有你的,哦,对了!从你出生...
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  • 好久以前,我是喜欢冬天的,因为冬天有雪。下雪天,从家里出来就可以看到白白的一片,家门前的小沟里也结了一层薄薄的...
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