Executive Strengths

Dedicated – Seeing things to completion borders on an ethical obligation for Executives. Tasks aren’t simply abandoned because they’ve become difficult or boring – people with the Executive personality type take them up when they are the right thing to do, and they will be finished so long as they remain the right thing to do.

Strong-willed – A strong will makes this dedication possible, and Executives don’t give up their beliefs because of simple opposition. Executives defend their ideas and principles relentlessly, and must be proven clearly and conclusively wrong for their stance to budge.

Direct and Honest – Executives trust facts far more than abstract ideas or opinions. Straightforward statements and information are king, and Executive personalities return the honesty (whether it’s wanted or not).

Loyal, Patient and Reliable – Executives work to exemplify truthfulness and reliability, considering stability and security very important. When Executives say they’ll do something, they keep their word, making them very responsible members of their families, companies and communities.

Enjoy Creating Order – Chaos makes things unpredictable, and unpredictable things can’t be trusted when they are needed most – with this in mind, Executives strive to create order and security in their environments by establishing rules, structures and clear roles.

Excellent Organizers – This commitment to truth and clear standards makes Executives capable and confident leaders. People with this personality type have no problem distributing tasks and responsibilities to others fairly and objectively, making them excellent administrators.

Executive Weaknesses

Inflexible and Stubborn – The problem with being so fixated on what works is that Executives too often dismiss what might work better. Everything is opinion until proven, and Executive personalities are reluctant to trust an opinion long enough for it to have that chance.

Uncomfortable with Unconventional Situations – Executives are strong adherents to tradition and when suddenly forced to try unvetted solutions, they become uncomfortable and stressed. New ideas suggest that their methods weren’t good enough, and abandoning what has always worked before in favor of something that may yet fail risks their image of reliability.

Judgmental – Executives have strong convictions about what is right, wrong, and socially acceptable. Executives’ compulsion to create order often extends to all things and everyone, ignoring the possibility that there are two right ways to get things done. Executives do not hesitate to let these “deviants” know what they think, considering it their duty to set things right.

Too Focused on Social Status – Executives take pride in the respect of their friends, colleagues and community and while difficult to admit, are very concerned with public opinion. Executives (especially Turbulent ones) can get so caught up in meeting others’ expectations that they fail to address their own needs.

Difficult to Relax – This need for respect fosters a need to maintain their dignity, which can make it difficult to cut loose and relax for risk of looking the fool, even in good fun.

Difficulty Expressing Emotion – This is all evidence of Executives’ greatest weakness: expressing emotions and feeling empathy. People with the Executive personality type get so caught up in the facts and most effective methods that they forget to think of what makes others happy, or of their sensitivity. A detour can be breathtakingly beautiful, a joy for the family, but Executives may only see the consequence of arriving at their destination an hour late, hurting their loved ones by rejecting the notion too harshly.

“总经理” 人格


“总经理” 人格

Edmund Burke

执行官人格类型的人是传统和秩序的代表,利用他们对正确,错误,和社会标准的理解来团结家庭和社区。 他们诚实,爱奉献,有尊严,他们的明确建议和指导被人看重,也愿意披荆斩棘,带领大家努力前行。 他们会因为团结大家而骄傲,常常承担起社区组织者的角色,努力组织大家一起庆祝当地重要的节日,或守护着那些使家庭和社区紧密相连的传统价值观。


民主社会非常需要这样的领导者,他们占人口的 11% 以上,难怪全世界有很多著名的政治家和商业领袖都具有这一人格类型。 他们坚信法律的规则和掌握权利的重要性,他们的领导方式是以身作则,尽心尽力,诚实果断,坚决反对懒惰和作弊,尤其在工作时。 他们认为踏实努力工作是塑造品格的最佳方式。

他们对周围的事务了如指掌,生活在一个由明确的事实组成的世界。对自己知识的确定性,使他们能够在受到很大阻力时依然能坚守原则,并坚持明确的是非观。 他们的看法绝非纸上谈兵,而是非常愿意深入研究最具挑战性的项目,并在过程中改进行动计划和捋清细节,即便是最复杂的任务,也会因此变得简单可行。

但是,执行官人格类型的人不会单打独斗,他们希望自己的可靠性和职业道德能够有所回报。这种人格类型的人言出必行,如果合作伙伴或下属的无能懒惰甚至是欺诈行为威胁到承诺的兑现,他们绝不会压抑怒火。 他们因此落下了不懂变通的名声,但这并不是因为他们顽固不化,而是因为他们真的相信这些价值观是社会良性运行的基础。


执行官人格类型的人是典型的模范公民: 他们帮助邻里,遵纪守法,努力确保每个人都参与到他们所珍视的社区和组织中。

执行官人格类型的人面临的最大的挑战,是需要意识到不是所有人都会走同样的路或以同样的方式贡献力量。 真正的领导者既能发现个人和团体的优势,也能鼓励大家各抒己见畅所欲言。 唯有如此,执行官人格类型的人才能掌握所有事实,并领导大家沿着最适合他们的方向前进。


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