Day 25丨Ivankanomics and the Art of Being Cheap



fuss 大惊小怪

It trasnspires that...

Whenittranspiresthatsomething is the case, people discover that it is the case. (人们) 发现[正式]

when it comes to parting with $...

part with此处作spend解

primetime television 电视的黄金时段

step into the role of 进入...的角色

go to court to claim 上法庭起诉

increase/surge/skyrocket 激增 boom 急速发展 dwindle 减少

purge oneself of 清洗、清除 此处指不购买伊万卡品牌的东西

all a question of aspiration 这只是渴望的问题

be imbued with=be filled with

imbue/ɪmˈbjuː/ TEM-8 ( imbuing, imbued, imbues )

V-T If someone or somethingis imbuedwith an idea, feeling, or quality, they become filled with it. 灌输; 使充满[正式]

The film is imbued with the star's rebellious spirit.



buy into a brand 买进

elevate you among your peers 使你在同伴中出类拔萃

like/similar-minded 想法相近、志同道合之人

lauch themselves into the marketplace 进入市场

pitch oneself at 把自己定位在...

If somethingis pitchedata particular level or degree of difficulty, it is set at that level. 给…设定水平 (或难度)

While this is very important material I think it's probably pitched at too high a level for our students.


reach into = be up to 高达、达到

debut /ˈdeɪbjuː/ vt.&vi. (产品等在市场上)初次出现,面世,首次推出

jangle 喊价、大胆地要价 (注释:用力地叫卖)

bounce them into broader market 闯入更大的市场

in the wake of=after


公开露面 public outing

手镯、脚镯 bangle

助手、副官 aide

有雄心壮志的;(生活形态等)梦寐以求的 aspirational (进取的)

今后;从今以后;自此以后 henceforward

这里指昂贵的手镯降价“屈尊”进入 be folded into

另一种悲哀,悲痛 as yet another woe

As yet another problem /complexifying factor

发生(于),对…发生;临到…头上,降临于 befall

ascension(上升) to power 掌权

日益减少的顾客兴趣dwindling consumer interes

irremediable whiff of toxicity

[,ɪrɪ'miːdɪəb(ə)l] 不可挽回的、无可补救的

whiff 些许


停止伊万卡品牌销售的禁令 injunction barring Ivanka Trump goods from sale

injunction 禁令

barring bar 排斥,排挤,使在外,除去;禁止,不准(常与from连用):

He was barred from the contest.


They barred her participating.


萧条 bust




If youoffloadsomething that you do not want, you get rid of it by giving it or selling it to someone else. 清理; 转卖[英国英语]

条纹棉布 striped cotton

超过...的速度 oustrip the rate


Asackfulis the amount of something that a sack contains or could contain. 一袋的

...a sackful of presents.


aggregator ['æɡrɪɡetɚ]

a business organization that collates the details of an individual's financial affairs so that the information can be presented on a single website 信息采集商业组织

保守的 conservative

别致的、时髦的 chicer (chic [ʃiːk] 的比较级)

最高级、高端的奢侈品 the highest echelon of luxury

['eʃəlɒn; 'eɪʃ-]等级; 阶层[正式]

...the lower echelons of society.


produce lines

asymmetric astin twill floral wrap-dress 不对称的奥斯汀斜纹印花裹身裙

[,æsɪ'metrɪk]不对称的 symmetric

梅菲尔商店 Mayfair store