For Us For Years

it said that there would be the sky for yourself,no reason,it just for you.someone always hold the view that only under the blue sky what you faith in,can you feel exceeding relax,never to be afraid or restrain yourself.maybe that's the true for most of our time.if there were a planet ever made it feel amazing,but just fascinating.

Herat is like the universe infinite.we always feel self-confidence in many things even we can't do a certainly estimate,just like I never believe there will be a day like this moment in the past.infact,I do meet and enjoy this minute.

what a large joke this is,you may ask and discuss.yes,the answer should be doubtless for the guy you ever's trashy to discharge these similar sentence.because the moonlight never shine you again like the age you waited in the open ground to make a good wish as a naive child. fleeting time will insist to act as a pitiless creature to make you more and more slim.maybe all of us should say "thank you".the memory all so clear,just regret to miss the speech in the missed years,which should be in the decided position.

therefore,make a big smile to these.time years,I miss you.but where are you.