45 每日一词| Sway (n)

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Sway 动词名词都有 “受..影响、动摇”之意

1.英英释义:power to rule or influence people

2.常用搭配(可以在sway 前面加形容词表程度):

hold sway in

under sway of


Old habits hold sway over us. (old habits die hard ) 本性难移
Some old attitudes still hold sway in rural areas.
Across much of the West, people are under the sway of populist politicians.                                动词用法:Across much of the West, people are swayed by populist politicians. (现在很多西方国家的民众都受到民粹主义政客的摆布。)



Tencent and Alibaba hold enormous / tremendous sway in Chinese business / commerce.

(参考翻译:Tencent and Alibaba hold significant/enormous/considerable sway in Chinese commerce.)

6. 联想造句:先简要描述这个场景,再造句。

场景: 孩子们接受着周围一切的潜移默化的影响,包括环境和人。

Children are under subtle sway of their surrundings, both environment and people.