1.There was an old man who played the accordion on Main Street, who I used to see every day on my way to school.

accordion    n. 手风琴

used to do sth  过去常常……

2. It was generally agreed upon that Mr. Tushman had some kind of secret surveillance drone keeping tabls on everything going on at Beecher Prep: there was no other way he could know all the stuff he seemed to know.

surveillance      /sɜːˈveɪləns/    n.

Surveillance is the careful watching of someone, especially by an organization such as the police or the army. 监视;监督

eg: He was arrested after being kept under constant surveillance.

3. Savanna blamed me for taking her rightful spot in the dance.

rightful    adj.

If you say that someone or something has returned to its rightful place or position, they have returned to the place or position that you think they should have. 理应的; 本来应有的 [ADJ n]

eg: We have restored Hamill to his rightful place as editor.

spot      n. 位置

4.Given that Mrs. Atanabi had issued such a threatening warning about being late, I wasn't surprised that both Summer and Ximena were already there, too.


If you say given that something is the case, you mean taking that fact into account. 考虑到

5. I think it had something to do with the dimple in her left cheek. She almost couldn't help looking mischievous.

dimple      n.

A dimple is a small hollow in someone's cheek or chin, often one that you can see when they smile. 酒窝

6. "But not because of how he looks," I said, flustered. "Just because we don't have anything in common."

fluster    v.              flustered  adj. 慌张的

If you fluster someone, you make them feel nervous and confused by rushing them and preventing them from concentrating on what they are doing. 使慌张

7. "When I was little," Mrs. Atanabi continued, talking in that chatterbox way of hers that some people loved and some people thought made her seem carzy, "my mother actuallcy used to charge my sister and me one dollar every time we were late for something."

A chatterbox is someone who talks a lot. 爱说话的人 [非正式]

ps: Atanabi老师的妈妈这个方法对有些人还是挺有用的,迟到一次就罚一美元。记得之前Chris讲自己的时候,说起不知道从何开始就养成了磨磨唧唧的性格,什么事情都不能提前准备好,然后就手忙脚乱不知道怎么办,总把事情办砸了。如果没有刻意地去训练和扭转,估计就很难转变了~

8. Summer shot me a quizzical look.

quizzical /ˈkwɪzɪkəl/adj.

If you give someone a quizzical look or smile, you look at them in a way that shows that you are surprised or amused by their behaviour. 疑惑的; 可笑的 [usu ADJ n]

shoot    v.

If you shoot a look at someone, you look at them quickly and briefly, often in a way that expresses your feelings. 瞥

9. I waited for her to hit me with a sarcastic comeback, something that would slap me like an invisible hand across the face.

comeback      n.  反驳,机智(或有力、尖刻)的回答,反唇相讥

10.The dance we spent the most time working on was the shingaling. It was the centerpiece of Mrs. Atanabi's whole dance number, what she used to transition from one dance style to the next.

centerpiece n. 核心部分,在整体中占中心地位的政策(或观念、事件等)

11. No more word vomits.

word  n.

If you say that someone does not hear, understand, or say a word, you are emphasizing that they hear, understand, or say nothing at all. (说的) 话 [强调]

vomit      vi. 吐出

12. She would be doing her homework or texting Miles on one side of the bedroom while Summer and I huddled around my laptop, scrolling through page after page of dead ends.


f people huddle together or huddle around something, they stand, sit, or lie close to each other, usually because they all feel cold or frightened. (由于寒冷或害怕) 挤成一团

If people huddle in a group, they gather together to discuss something quietly or secretly. (悄悄地或秘密地) 凑在一起商讨

scroll    vi.

If you scroll through text on a computer screen, you move the text up or down to find the information that you need. (在计算机屏幕上的文本中) 滚动 [计算机]

dead ends  死巷,死胡同,路尽头,(路等的)尽头

13. We were playing a Truth or Dare game.


14. I'm looking forward to meeting them at the banquet.

banquet /ˈbæŋkwɪt/

A banquet is a grand formal dinner. 正式宴会

eg: a wedding banquet

ps: 这个单词和“花束”bouquet有点像哟~

15. There was a little round of applause from them as we sat down, and then, basically, we spent the rest of the evening talking to each other nonstop, breaking down every second of the dance, where we'd been nervous about not making a particular kick, where we'd gotten a little dizzy coming out of a spin.

spin    n. 旋转