JER4.9 Study Notes

1. batch 


e.g. 第一批

2. retrospect = re-tro-spect

look back on something that has happened in the past

in retrospect 回想起来

carefree 无忧无虑

e.g. In retrospect, he was a carefree boy, whose parents always gave him what he wanted.

4. premature

something premature occurs too early or before it is ready. 未成熟的,过早的

e.g.  a premature baby

5. treasure


e.g. Nine years in the NBA will always be a treasure in Yao Ming's life.

6. wean 

When a baby or baby animal is weaned, its mother stops feeding it milk and starts giving it other food, especially solid food. 断奶

e.g. Once weaned, the pig may be put in pens.

7. 8. send out 排放

fumes 烟雾,烟气 注意有‘s'

e.g. traffic fumes 废弃

e.g. The factory had been sending out toxic.

9. 10. 11.

resent 不满 if you resent someone or something, you feel bitter and angry about them.

interference in 在...方面干预

affair 私事

e.g. I resented his interference in my affairs.

12. provision = pro-vision 

The provision of something is the act of giving it or making it available to people who need or want it.

e.g. The present law makes no provision for this.

13. provisional 暂时的,临时的,暂定的

14. leukemia = leu-ke-mia 白血病

15. swirl 可以做动词,旋转;也可以做名词,旋涡

e.g. He breathes out a swirl of cigarette smoke.

16. morale = mo-rale 士气,精神面貌

17. troop troops are soldiers, especially when they are in a large organized group doing a particular task.

Morale is the amount of confidence and cheerfulness that a group of people have.

e.g. They hope to boost the morale of their troops.

18. salinity = sa-li-nity 盐分

19. cervical cancer = cer-vi-cal 宫颈癌

20. thou 古代英语的“你”, 可以翻译成“汝”,“尔”

21. capital punishment 

the punishment which involves the legal killing a person who has committed a serious crime such as murder.