(translated by Dennis from Latin to English )

A large number of people are in the city. Women and girls are in the town, senior men and younger men are in the urban too. Slaves are not working today. Older men are not sleeping today. Merchants are not busy today.

Pompeians are on holiday. However, the city is not quiet. Pompeians are going to the theatre hurry. Big uproars are in the town.

Farmers are entering the city. Sailors are looking for the town. Shepherds are coming down from the mountains to the town hurry. Crowds are rushing through the gate.

The message has been shouting in the market-place:” Actors are in the city. Actors are in the theatre. Priscus is putting on a play. Priscus is an excellent play. Actors are Actius and Sorex.

The banker Caecilius and his wife, metella, are leaving the villa and walking to the theatre. Clemens and Melissa are hurrying to the theatre. But Grumio is staying at home.





这个信息一直在市场上呼喊:“演员在城里。演员们在剧院里。普里科斯在上演一出戏。Priscus 是一部优秀的剧。演员是阿克修斯和索雷克斯。