original 原始的  origin 始源n.

sell a bill of goods 欺骗顾客购买价格不合理的物品  

The con man[诈骗犯] sold the old lady a bill of goods about an abandoned house

mark the prices higher = mark up

mark the prices lower = mark down

Some shops marked up prices before they marked them down, so be sure you know the original prices so you don't end up paying too much in the end.  

clearly understand sth = see through it ,there is nothing blocking in your understanding


coupon 赠券;代金券

put an ad in the newspaper about 在报纸……广告

commercial 特指电视上的广告


The chef loves to use seasonal produce[时鲜] in his recipes.

seasonal workers 临时工

free shipping 包邮

I have bought a skirt that is free shipping.

street market

strike up a good deal 淘到宝~

go for it 放手一搏;勇于尝试

Don't worry about how other people will judge you, Just go gor it !

go to waste 浪费

If you spend a lot of money on food, then your food might go to waste or go to your waist[腰]

for sell = avaliable to be purchased The book is up for sell 本书即将上市

on sell = on a discount

despair 绝望n./v.  feel desperate

The people in this refugee camp live in despair and poverty.

I never despaired even though I got rejected many times at auditions[试镜]

trigger触发v. 扳机n.

The quarrel between the couple triggered a serious conflict between their two families.

The sniper[狙击手] aimed at the target and pulled the trigger.

Love conquers all.

put people on the road to healing

I am on the road to financial freedom