CC5: What do You Really Want?

Good evening, friends. Tonight, I am going to tell you a story, please do me a favor to be a psychologist and try to find out what did I really want in this story. Because Females are uncertain.

The day before Yesterday, after my whole-day training job at Neijiang, I was taking the high-speed train to home, felt so tired thatand didn't want to move my feet any more. But there are 20 kilometers between the railway station and my home. Thought of the countless steps I have to overcome before I could throw myself on my comfortable bed. I called my husband hopefully. Who was accompanying our son at the football training ground where is in the same zone with the railway station. Disappointedly, he told me he was heading home already. OK~, I would be as strong as I don't have a husband. I chose to take the subway instead of taxi. One hour and forty minutes later, I stood inside my bedroom. It was 10 minutes past 11 o'clock at night. My son was still up and my husband was reading leisurely on the bed. I asked him: why the room is so hot? what's wrong with the air conditioner? And Then I went to my son's room, asked again: why your room is so hot too, are you going to cook yourself? Why are you still up? Both of them were puzzled.

Friends, can you guess what I really want at that moment?

Yes, I seemed irritated and wanted to relieve my anger. But I knew anger would make things worse. I asked myself: what do you want? Since Things have happened and I've been at home. What do I really want? Yes, I wanted my husband understand my feelings! I told him gently and peacefully: "if I were you, I would call you before I left the training ground and ask you if you need me to pick you up. " Guess what? My husband, my straight man husband replied:"the railway station is 16 kilometers away from the training ground. And the football training was terminated earlier than usual, taking a taxi would be a better choice." OK~ sounded reasonable. But honestly, I still couldn't let it go. So I kept asking myself: "what do you want? " Do I really want him to pick me up? If he already told me these reasons before my call, I would let him go. Yes, definitely.

So, What do I really want?

I want him to care about me. To let me feel I am important. Yes! That's right! This is the thing we girls always want. With a clear-thinking brain, I expressed my real feeling clearly and got very satisfied respond from my husband. Happy ending~

Dears, can you feel the power of asking yourself the question -what do you really want, especially When you are angry or disappointed? This powerful question will redirect your attention when you are getting ready to defend or fight against others. And more than that, this question will drive you focus on the thing you really want, but not complaints or revenge or giving up.

I got this idea several years ago, I found it is useful but not easy to use, if it can't work at the first time, please try again, don't give up. Sometimes, Your real intention is covered with hard shell or fake image. Don't give up, keep asking yourself: what do you really want. You will get what you really want. Trust yourself!


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