I love you我爱你

not only for what you are不仅仅是因为你的样子

but for what I am when I am with you也因为当我们在一起时我的样子

I love you我爱你

not only for what you have made of yourself不仅因为你自己的成就

but for what are you making of me也因为你成就了我

I love you我爱你

for ignoring the possibilities of the fool in me因为你容忍我的缺点

and accepting the possibilities of the good in me并且去努力发现我的美好

Why do I love you我为什么爱你

I love you我爱你

for closing your eyes to the discord in meand for adding to the music in me by worship for listening因为你的崇拜和聆听将我的杂乱无章变为美妙韵律

I love you我爱你

for helping me to construct my life你帮助构建我的生活

not a tavern, but a temple让它由酒馆变为圣殿

I love you我爱你

because you have done so much因为你付出那么多

to make me happy只为我快乐

You have done without a word你的付出没有言语

without a touch没有碰触

without a sign没有痕迹

You have done by just being yourself你只需做你自己

Perhaps after all或许

that is what love means这就是爱的真谛

and that is why I love you也是我为什么,爱你