day10 A11169

2017.04.12 22:17* 字数 125

business plan

goal:sale special bookmark

solution: add chinese traditional elements to bookmark, like bookmark made in paper to use chinese folk elements,(plum, orchid bamboo, chrysanthemum), wooden bookmark use hollow-out design, it can also add twelve chinese zodiac signs, and poems may be also welcomeed.

cost: a series of paper bookmark

contains four ¥4

contains eight ¥6

a series of wooden bookmark 10-15

at least 1000 bookmarks will be needed as storage.

which will costs 20,000-40,000

house rent at least 1,000

marketing less than ¥500 and salary for salesman at least 80/day

income: paper bookmark ¥8 ¥12

wooden ¥20-30

which will gain 20,000-30,000

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