Mulan app's new function - The Online Market!

Second-hand market

After few weeks of collecting, the Mulan Market is now ready to post second-hand goods again. Now let's see what's on offer!

Item: Laptop Table

Description: Bought on September 2016

Price: RMB 39

Location: Ningbo university

Contact:  Follie 13867899737

Item: Lip Balm

Description: Brand new and bought from France, valid date is till 09/18.

Price: RMB 39

Location: Ningbo

Wechat Contact: yuky_00

Item: Necklace

Description: Brand new and it's for sweater

Location: Ningbo

Price: RMB 35

Wechat Contact: Daphne 1019738064

Item: Batiste DRY SHAMPOO (blush)

Description: Bought from Hawaii, only 1 shampoo left

Price: RMB 50

Location: Ningbo

Wechat contact: brinyhou

You can also post your second-hand items in our Mulan app with its new online market function.

We encourage you to also use the Mulan app to post items too for several reasons:

1. There is a bigger community of users than the WeChat group, so there will be more people who can view your items.

2. Posting your items on Mulan too will mean what your selling will not be lost in conversations and new postings.

3. When more and more items are on sale on the Mulan app, we will be able to categorise them for easier viewing.

Mulan app is a free platform that links foreigners and local people in China. It is a channel where all of us can provide services, acquire services, join events, promote events and make new friends. In doing so, we hope that we can bring people from all across the globe, closer together in China.

Scan our QR Code to Download the app!!!


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