3.阅读一篇以上internet content provider 相关英文文章,按最新要求列出相关内容

           The term Internet service provider, or ISP, has been around for years, and obviously refers to the company who gives you Internet access, such as AT&T; or Comcast. As the Internet becomes more rooted in the world and broadband and connections increase, companies that deliver content online have started to surface and the term Internet content provider has sprung up with it. ICPs have taken advantages of new Internet technologies such as DSL and cable connections as well as TV and set-top boxes that connect to the Internet to provide information and entertainment.

             An Internet content provider is a website or organization that handles the distribution of online content such as blogs, videos, music or files. This content is generally made accessible to users and often in multiple formats, such as in both transcripts and videos. Some popular providers include ABC News, Disney and MSNBC.

Internet :因特网