day19 content marketing

2017.04.21 23:47* 字数 157

To talk about marketing, I can only think about advertising, which is intended to sale products. the characteristics of marketing, in my eyes, chinese way of marketing always blow off, or to brand it into something much better than it suppose to be, especially, chinese four character make words melody than appeals to consumers. what we can see from social network, TV, Internet or form bulletin in the real world, it tend to use concise words and sentence without subjects, especially four-character words. While English advertisement use concise words, short sentence.

Though the way to sale products varies, the core of marketing is to sale, people use different ways, words, pictures, or by other ways. the real essence is to persuade customer to buy it or accept it. thus they can make profit.

so from my view, is to use different ways to advertising so as to form consensus with customer, thus it will bring profits.