Day6 17/07/17



1】let off the hook

I guess we'll probably let Chirag off the hook tomorrow.


造句:I haven't studied much but my teacher let me off the hook today.

2】point fingers

So if you want to point fingers on the Invisible Chirag joke, now you know who's really to blame.


造句:The authorities spend all their time pointing fingers at each other instead of finding the students.

3】But I guess I kind of got too cocky and let my guard down.

释义:cocky 狂妄自大的 guard down 放松警惕

造句:The entire state is still in risk. People do not need what they guard down.


1】And besides, I'm not 100% to blame for dreaming up this idea.

仿写:I'm not 100% to blame for his death.


I passed the interview and today is my first day to work.

The job is easier than I thought. But unfortunately, I waited for the bus for forty minutes because of the heavy rain after work.What a sad thing!