Monkey adventure

A fun agile game. In the game, we need to control the protagonist to find the banana in the map. Get all bananas will be able to enter the next level, As the difficulty of the game will gradually increase, multiple characters can also be unlocked by the stars. Try it! 

What this framework does for you:

Storesgame state, like cells on game board, falling blocks, time intervals, and score.

Generatesnext blocks with random shape and orientation, while avoiding simple repetition.

Managestimerthat can be pauses and resumed.

Exposes4 controls: moveLeft(), moveRight(), rotate() and drop().

Detectscompleted linesand increments score. Higher score speeds up the timer.

Reports all events via acallback, like periodic fall, line completion, game over, etc.

Allowsserializationto and from a dictionary that is compatible with property list.

What you need to implement:

Graphicsand animations. Be creative!

Userinput, like buttons or gestures.

Write serialized dictionary topersistentlocation and restore it.

Create gamemenuwith play/pause/reset options.

Listen tocallbackfrom the engine and update your UI.

Show next block andscoreon screen.