20190408 influx

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n. an influx of people or things into a place is their arrival there in large number. 可数名词   流入,涌进 usu sing (通常用单数形式)

the arrival of large numbers of people or large amounts of money, goods etc, especially suddenly




1. European countries have been troubled in recent years as to how to handle a great influx of refugees from the Middle East.

2. India is welcoming a huge influx of venture capital from China.

3. When North Korea opens up to the outside world one day, there will be an influx of goods, technology, and capital.

4. Days before the vote, a video surfaced in which Michael Daley, the local Labor leader, complained about  an influx of PhD-wielding Asians. 投票前几天,一段视频浮出水面。视频中,当地劳工领袖迈克尔戴利抱怨大量持有博士学位的亚洲人涌入。

句子分析: a video surfaced 是主句,主语 a video,谓语 surfaced (不及物动词),一段视频浮出水面。in which 引导定语从句修饰主语 a video,which 指代 video,in which + 从句。从句主语为 Michael Daley,插入语为从句主语的同位语,从句谓语 complained,宾语为后面的介宾短语。


wield v. 拿着(武器,工具或设备),掌握(权力)

5. At the behest of the Danish government, a five-foot steel fence is being built along the 70 km (40-mile) border to prevent an influx of immigrants from the rest of Europe. 在丹麦政府的要求下,沿着70公里(40英里)的边境线正在修建一道5英尺高的钢栅栏,以防止来自欧洲其他国家的移民涌入。

at someone's behest/ the behest of … 在…的要求/命令下



Every summer Beijing sees a massive influx of tourists from around the country.



on March 15, 2019, the National People's congress (NPC) deliberated and adopted the draft law of the People's Republic of China on foreign investment, wich is regarded as one of the highlights of this year's two sessions. Many believe this will encourage an influx of foreign capital into China.