It is good to know about Professor N.K Mishra's doubts on Chinese disappointing data statistic system.Around the world,too many experts including Chinese economists criticize Chinese national statistic system.

Last last week,I went to Professor JBK's chamber to tell him that I better appreciate Indian national statistic system.Because I found out that a simple indicator of CPI,Indian government has collected the data on basis of sector and residence,meaning CPI(industry and agriculture) and CPI(rural and urban),but Chinese government only releases a national CPI indicator.

Many different commissions are organized by the government to do some surveys in Indian economy and other fields,but it is quite scarce to exist in China.It is also obvious that India follows international statistic standards more quickly and easily,because of government's willingness and language advantage.China still lags far behind India in terms of following global uniform standards of industry classification and NAS.


Today,it was my first day for this semester class.I met all of my friends in our department.I still need to open my mind to absorb all ideas and thoughts from different countries whether they are situated far away from us or near to us.

I have been criticizing my government for over excessive involvement in stock market activities,but I have to say I still have a great hope on our country and people.China has to humbly learn from all other countries in terms of lessons and experiences,we still have a great potential to upgrade our economy structure and social welfare system.

Once innovation is embedded in our enterprises,we are able to compete with any country in the battlefield of advanced technologies.I am quite sure that China will be smoothly transformed into a democratic country like our brotherly Taiwan.During this economic recession,overcapacity of production has been entangled China to a large degree,our reform of supply side implemented will gradually stimulate all business activities.

Financial markets have been a key sector in Chinese economy,even if we suffer from some difficulties these days,our policy makers are taking measures to overcome it.Every day,I am in the process of reform and opening up our society,I have been optimistic about our future.As an ordinary man,what we want to achieve is not immediately reachable,but we also need to insist on some standpoints,because we are the key participants in the process of transition


Afternoon,two students came to me for help related to his Chinese diploma,they said to me there would be a test of Chinese language.Two question papers brought out in the front of me,I need to help them translate and find solutions to those challenging questions.

One of them suddenly talked about stock market performance in China,I had some interest on him for his curiosity.In order to encourage them to not give up this language,I present a truth that Japanese and Chinese languages are tightly connected,so you could understand both of them.

I love some parts of Indian culture,because love is just love.I have been realizing that your birth place will not decide the level of understanding of the place,because language is just a tool for your to go through your society.Many Chinese people including myself is in confusion,because we need to depend on outsiders to increase our horizons on the land.


"About Chinese people"I think more and more Chinese people are open to the dynamic world.China as the largest source of overseas tourists and international tourism expenditure is encouraging her people to compare different societies and learn what others are doing well.

Any international economy policy discussion has to include Chinese policy makers automatically,because spill over effects from China side are felt deeply this days.Wide and deep eye horizons are essential to our progress to a bright future.Our people cares much about global events,ranging from USA presidential election to Syrian civil war.

We study global history after "New discoveries",also compare diverse old civilizations from our primary schools.Due to language disadvantages for average Chinese people,countless translation works are done to promote foreign culture,perspectives and philosophies.

From any angle of social structure,we highly believe that after the stage of replication and imitation,innovation and creativity would bring this country to a new stage.Our good side is that we absorb all information from Western and Eastern parts,for example,we establish our understandings on a specific issue on the base of different sources.

It is dangerous to just attribute your belief to a source.Any one should get informed,because the society is changing too fast.You need to prepare enough for future challenges and uncertainties.Our people are inspired to get updated so that we would not be eliminated.India has produced lots of high level of CEOs,they belong to elite classes through their non-stopping work.

Of course,there are also impressive poor people still suffering from deprivation.We come to India to understand the real scenario,and learn what their elite class behave or do to succeed in their career.Our purpose is definitely not to learn non-elite classes,because they are even unable to get out of the trap of poverty.

We need to have a comprehensive understanding on why they do not have opportunities to take a path to success.If 1% elite class controls 99% social assets,then our intention is to know why those few people could overcome difficulties to become respected,instead to behave like what the remaining 99% masses behave.

A nation with 1.2 billion population,the number of elite class should be at least 12 million.We would like to study what Reliance,Tata,Infosys and some other respected firms did,because a great number of experiences could be learnt from them.Except that,Hinduism as a fourth largest religion could also give us happy life.

We hope to have a happier and peaceful life,so we systematically study different religions,because we have strong motivation to happiness.We just learn what benefits for us at present and future time,this is called pragmatism.We just learn how elite class becomes elite,not how non-elite class becomes non-elite in India,this is called rationality.We predict India could exploit her potential to continue utilize her influence to humankind civilization and modernization.

This is also a response to those students who frequently ask me the same questions that why you came to India for study,and China has very good education institution.Students with science background always ask me these questions.


India's Democracy is crying,also is dying from today's self-experience.Democracy is not afraid of her people,instead loves her people.Closing our hostel gates,dispatching polices in hostel,countless security personals around the campus,barricades everywhere,police cars whistle frequently.

Protests should be controlled,but who said that foreign students would protest against Indian authority?Dalit class should not be discriminated,democracy is inclusive not someone's rights.


If you develop yourself well,so your soft power is automatically expanded to other corners around the world;but if you can not gain soft power field,then you should allow your people to learn from other cultures.Mind must be open enough to absorb other cultures,so you can have a different angle to see the world.

If you are just conservative to preserve some outdated parts of culture,then you never progress smoothly.Culture should not be regulated,free growth of culture is a basic law.I never witness any country dominates the culture field relying on government's intervention.

A society is only respected on the basis of embracing new phenomena.If you could not provide a base for your people to get their brain refreshed,then you should keep silence until you are physically,mentally strong enough.

If no freedom of choice,how possible to have freedom of thinking?


Like this analysis about politics,I really think it is very subjective.Many non-scientists just depend on their personal feelings to observe the society,however,it is always not credible and trusted.

This is an obvious personal attack.For example,the very reason why India joined AIIB led by Chinese government is said to be Kowtowing to Chinese authority,how we can explain UK,France,Germany,Russia,Italy etc all proposed membership in AIIB.

An excellent analyst should collect series of proofs to show his readers that what he says is supported by proofs instead of personal feelings.This is why I have some reservations on Chinese official newspapers,because they just promote their slogans without consideration of basic logic and facts.


News gives us fractional information,so we need to have a complete framework to understand the society.Actually,too many media workers are not qualified for editing and reporting some professional topics,because they do not have a good understandings on the background of those topics.

Still,many news workers had some predetermined opinions on some issues before they worked for the profession.It is quite clear for American reporters to objectively write many debatable topics on China,it is because they had been educated to accept some universal values since they were in childhood.

Chinese reporters could not accept gay marriage,campus gunshot,early sex and so on which are common in US,so they do not write the reports in an objective way to tell Chinese readers.For any news media which has an influential voice in editorial column,it should invite or recruit experts to analyze these topics.

However,too many medias still ask those unqualified people with other field backgrounds to write this.Media should be more professional and specialized,I really think those students just studying in communications and journalism are unqualified for news occupation.

A country has to develop many think-tanks to better inform their people,news media can be used as a road to present facts,only facts(if they do not have experts on some professional aspects).Obviously,China is lack of think tanks,especially from non-government organizations.

A society should be more and more dependent on think tanks to develop ideas and analyses,news media is of no use if they can not partner with professional experts.This is a big gap between China and more developed countries,considering our constraint of political system.

As a citizen,I have responsibility to do some contribution to our society.I should be more constructive,instead of destructive.Everything would be better and better,if we do not give up our dreams and moralities.Nobody wishes others to be worse,because we are basically equally important.


Everyone should be confident of his future and his country's tomorrow.Until now,I just understood how important for our youths it is to have a constructive approach to your country's reform and development.

If you always keep some negative opinions on your people,then it is of no use for them to change themselves in a positive direction.If your voice is not listened to by others seriously,then your better choice is to develop yourself silently until your success demonstrates your reputation.

Even if I criticize too much my government,I also know lots of people like me do the same thing even more radically,it is useless for your people to have a better situation.Why not create something beneficial for the society and the world under the constraint of systems?

If I have a good platform to speak out,then I can get more attention.Understanding on the current affairs is not my competitive advantage,because everyone could have almost similar impression when he reads some articles and newspapers.

I feel disappointed to see those analytical articles related to economic situations or reform logic,because it seems that any non-economics laymen could get same results through data analysis with common sense.Believe in me,platform is your advantage.

Your growth to maturity is determined by your platform.No real truth inside economics is the real truth,it is just about debate and argument with a seemingly undeniable logic.The profession of economist in a market economy is more like an analyst,they use series of data to show their ideas to be correct.

I personally appreciate those academic economists,they do not care much about the current affairs.They devote much of time to their fundamental research,then the conclusion could be used by newspapers and Wikipedia as a tool to better understand the economy.

A non-economist person is difficult to get total factor productivity,because he does not know the production function much.It is much troublesome to make a politician to easily understand the value of a firm,because he does not know how to correctly value a firm.