Skills in talking to customers

It’s upset for  me。。。

1ATemel Studio61 and  MKII program failure.

Notes: The Flash file : A 90 is wrong.

There was a problem with the hex file, as you implied. I have now uploaded a new version to your ftp, under the folder From_GDN. It is called “Test software”. You could try programming it using Atmel Studio 6.1 as before.

If that does not work, I have included a README.txt in the uploaded zip-file outlining an alternative approach that could be tried, using Atmel Studio 7.0 .

2The light  behavior.

this is the intended behavior. The initial red blink just means the xxx unit has not yet successfully communicated with the xx , and it will try again. As long as it starts blinking green within a few seconds after connecting the xx to the xxx and then keeps blinking green at least 3 times in a row, the test is successful. If it keeps blinking red for 10 seconds or more, the test has failed and you should try programming the RU again.

3 Chat with customer

When trying to program from within Atmel Studio, as Terje suggested, what was the error message then? Could you provide a screenshot with the error message when programming from the “Memories” tab in Atmel Studio? Are you sure you did a chip erase before trying to program (Step 1.c as outlined by Terje)?

above all.  During the Collaborate with foreign customers ,It is important to have a good English foundation,If you can communicate directly with the client,You can avoid the misinformation of email communication,besides ,Engineeringassistants   is unfamiliar with designer and Engineer. we must give more information during product test trouble.