To learn a new language as a baby

I am studying how does my granddaughter learning the language now; maybe I could find the secret of language learning.

I could see that the baby doesn't care about meaning and grammar and pronunciation but the rhythm and music.

So I try to learn new languages in the same way as my granddaughter. To start learning by singing nursery rhymes and poems and songs.

As adults, we have lots of worries; we worry about grammar, worry about pronunciation and so on.

Because of too much worry about making mistakes and concerns about other people critical, we are hard to open the mouth to speak out.

I told myself and others, while l start to learn new things, I am a baby; please don't judge me too much; I need you to encourage me.


@Kathy @lisa p. Thank you very much for encouraging me to write about this; that is good practice for my English writing.