Day12-Business Plan

Business Plan for An instant online teacoffee in Xiongan New Area

Statement of Mission

Xiongan New Area, the Chinese president’sambitious plan to remake a backwater into a dream city, could lure as much as2.4 trillion yuanof investments over the next decade, adding as much as 0.4percentage point to China’s economic growth every year And we plan to set up aninstant online tea coffee in the CBD of Xiongan New Area.


Christine Xiang, Ya Wang and Bruce Zhang willchoose a location in CBD of it and attract customers to our shops byadvertisements and discounts through publishing Wechat moments.

Market Analysis

Food types

A coffee grinder with multiple settings (fine,medium, Turkish, espresso grind) so I can grind up coffee beans for customers,plastic bags for separating and displaying spices and loose teas, printedlabels with our brand name to affix to plastic bags and other items.


We have to tell customers a brand story of ourcompany, passionate and unforgettable. The keys to our brand story are truth,passion, services and love. A charming coffee maker, Bruce, who was born with asilver spoon and gave almost his early life to businesses set up by his father.While one day he found that being a coffee maker was his dream. When he lefthome, he learned to brew coffee, tea, and chocolate, using coffee urns, drip orvacuum coffee makers, teapots, drink mixers, and other kitchen equipment. Andhe became the best famous coffee maker in less than 3 years in Italy. Now he isthe coffee maker in this tea coffee shop.

Designate and shares

Provide seating in these areas, literature aboutthe many different types of coffee, tea and spices, recipes or other interestinginformation for customers. Make sure all inventory hangs low enough forcustomers to see and reach. Provide short descriptions of coffee, tea andspices that may be unfamiliar to most customers to entice and increase sales.

We can invite well-known instant onlinecelebrities in areas like foodies, cosmetic favors, writers and singers. Theywill share their pictures with their idioms in our shops on Wechat moments.More people will come to our shop and bring more friends.

Marketing on social media

Market ourshop locally to build a loyal customer base. Take out ads in local newspapers,community magazines or neighborhood newsletters. Create an email sign-up sheetand ask customers to sign up to receive news about the latest products orupcoming events at your shop. Create a website so customers can view currentinventory, hours of operation and contact information. Hold a monthly afternoontea or coffee hour to promote special tea or coffee blends, and hold specialcooking events to showcase particular spices. Bake food items and give awaysamples containing your spices as another way to entice your customers. Offercoffee and tea samples to passersby on the street. Attend local communityevents such as farmer's markets and street fairs to promote our shop.

Product and Approach

Prices of coffee and tea will range from 30 to100 yuan. When the friends of our customers have birthday parties, themembership card of our company should be a gift to our high-level customers.

Economic Projections

Fixedcosts are about 110 thousand yuan monthly. Net profit is supposed to be 40thousand yuan a month.


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