Social Behavior-Lecture 5

 Diffusion(扩散,传播) of Innovations

之前所学习的理论多用于预测健康行为,但如何促进(spread)健康行为(especially new)呢?(No subjective norms,No observational learning)


Diffusion of Innovation Theory(DOI)


Issue Concepts-->Practice:Too long for proven; not implement in other setting; less become routine practice.


· Diffusion:process (an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system).

· Dissemination: Planned, systematic efforts designed to make a program or innovation (more widely available to a target audience or members of a social system).

Diffusion is the direct or indirect outcome of dissemination.


1. Innovation: An idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual.

    Factors that influence adoption of an innovation:

    · Relative Advantage: an innovation is better

    · Compatibility: consistent with the values,experience, and needs of the potential adopters.

    · Complexity:

    · Triablity:

    · Observability:


2. Communication channels

3. Social System: 

4. Time

· Innovation-decision process : Knowledge Persuasion Decision Implementation Confirmation 

· Innovativeness of an individual: Innovators, Early adopters, Early majority, Late majority, Laggards.

· Rate of adoption: