better wishes better future

today is the first day of 2017, before I celebrate the new year, I would like to look back at the past year–the special year of 2016.

last year was a special one during which several  important things happened.first I joined the linyi branch of the toastmaster club where I met a lot of interesting people who aspired to improve their leadership and communication skills by speaking English in public.

It's my pleasure and honor to attend several meetings of the club where we spent a lot of happy moments and shared many thought-provoking views on some problems in society.I think the club is a good platform not only for practicing spoken English but also for emboldening us to brave challenges in this club, I have been taught, I have been inspired and I have been rejuvenated. so more people from all walks of life are warmly welcomed to join us in the new year if you want to go back to youth, too!

The second one I want to mention is my decision to buy a house of my own. after second thought, I bought one on mortgage in May 2016.after years of wandering life, I decided to settle down here in LinYi. it's not because the city is my favorite but because my family are here. like most Chinese I enjoy living close to parents and siblings.treasuring family affection is the virtue of our nation and everyone is no exception. by the way, the decoration of the house has already begun. I expect to move in this May.

of course something bad happened last year,  I just left it behind.keep the lesson in mind and go ahead.

the first day of 2017, which means a right time for making resolutions and wishes for the new year, should be celebrated with passion and hope.

As for resolutions, the most important one: I will try my best to make more time to attend the meetings of the club next, I will try my best to come up with more ideas to inspire and encourage my students to learn English actively and passionately.

As for wishes, I wish my fellow toastmasters new successes in the new year and all my families and friends will enjoy a happy and healthy life! and the biggest hope–the long-awaited hostess will join me to celebrate next New Year's Day!

my fellow toastmasters, thanks a lot for spending your precious time  reading this! at the very begining of the new year, I wish every toastmaster will be able to achieve our dreams in the new year: each bachelor will stop being single, each employee will get promotions and pay raises, each businessman will become another millionaire …even in our dreams now,  at least we have hopes for better life and then  we can roll up our sleeves to work harder!