What are the biggest myths software engineers believe?

Luis Argerich, Computer Science Professor at UBA.

From Quora Digest

The biggest myth is to believe you are a software engineer.

If you code you are a programmer. The software industry has created the illusion that "programmer" is a low position job for uneducated people and "software engineer" is something very cool. Why did they do this? I'll try to explain it.

Programming is difficult, it is both an art and a science and not everyone can do it. We have people in the software industry that want to be important without knowing how to code, they created the titles "architect", "analyst", "manager", "designer" for themselves.
Now how can you be the boss of a group of programmers without actually knowing how to code? The answer is simple: create the illusion that programming is a low-level job and that you can "evolve" from programmer to higher positions. Think about a hospital where somebody that is not a doctor runs a group of doctors and tells them what to do with their patients.

So you are not a software engineer, you are a programmer and there's nothing wrong with that.


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