Enjoy food, and lose weight

    Yesterday, the temperature in Xi'an was nearly 40 degree. When we went outside, we were melting. And it seems that ice cream matches perfectly with hot summer. However, unquestionably, it will make us fatter and fatter. So here we group just want to share some tips, which can make you both enjoy food and lose weight.


Tip 1: change ice cream into yougurt.

    According to a survey, when you are eager to eat ice cream, you just want to get cold and feel sweat. In this way, both ice cream and yogurt can satisfy you.

    Comparing ice cream with yogurt, ice cream is 127cal/100g, and yogurt only has 72cal/100g. What's more, yogurt can promote body to absorpt of calcium. So why don't you try some YOGURT?


Tip 2: change cola into fruit juice, or just drink water.

    Nowadays, cola has a new popular name, which is called "快乐肥宅水". It means that when we drink cola, we feel extremely happy and comfortable even though we know it makes us fatter.

    Cola truly has a very high calorie, 153cal/ a can. A 330ml can of cola has 35g sugar, which is amazing terrible and unhealthy! And sugar is the culprit of obesity.

    However, fruit juice is not only sweat delicious and low- calorie, but also has too many kinds of Vatamains, which can protect our skin.

    So, why don't you try some FRUIT JUICE?


    Every girl is dreaming that she can enjoy delicious food she likes and never get fat. So at last, we group sincerely wish that all girls can own a nice and slender figure~!


                                                          Written by: 罗岚心