Two sides-Color and direction

After the game is loaded, click the Play button twice to start the game.

In the game, the player needs to click one of the two colors in the specified time according to the instructions.

You can get scores, which test the ability of the first partners to react! Try it all!

In short- you can do anything you like with the game (including sell products made with it), provided you do not:

Sell the game with the included songs

Claim to have created the engine yourself or remove the credits

Not provide source code for any build which differs from any official release which includes MP3 support.

(It's not required, but we would also appreciate it if you link back to

For specific information/legalese:

All of the our source code is under the MIT license.

Any songs that are included within this repository are under the CC-NC license.

The MAD library and FFmpeg codecs when built with our code use the GPL license.


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