【One day one question】If nobody's looking

You may not in the public eye, but still in someone's eyes. And we care so much what other people would think if they saw something we did, though most times they didn't see or didn't notice. 

So, you are on a street, or in a supermarket or anywhere you wish, what would you do if no one was looking? No family members, no friends, no aquaintances, no strangers were looking. It's like only you there. You can do whatever you want, even against the law.

Guess what? I would dance in the public. That is my first idea. Dance freely and beautifully, with or without music. it could be on the street, and on the subway, and on the top of a building, and in a square but not square dance. 

Even there are people walking by, I always dream to join a quick flash of dance. Wearing normally, but immediately gather together, play a performance then separate quickly.

It is a question to know the inner self. I want freedom. That's why I give this answer.

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