an- = a- 加强含义
-ce 动词/名词后缀
-ment 名词后缀
pro- 前、向前
-ation 名词后缀
de- 否定、相反

announce v 正式宣布
India has just announced it will eliminate all single-use plastic in the country by 2022.
eliminate 消除、清除
announcement 宣布公告
The president made an unexpected announcement this moring 今天早上总统做出了一个令人意外的公告
make an announcement
expect 期待

pronounce v 发音
I dont know how to pronounce the word 'idea' exactly.
pronounciation n 发音
your pronounciation is very good;

denounce v 谴责、告发
If we fail, they will denounce us。

-part- 部分 分开 = part

part n 部分
partial adj 部分的,不完全的;偏袒的,偏爱的、不公平的
partly adv
part-time adj 兼职的
full-time adj 全职的
Many people who work part-time jobs actually want full-time jobs.

apart adj 分离的、分开的
apartment n 公寓
Directions: Suppose you are going to study abroad and share an apartment with John, a local student . Write him an email to ...
abroad 国外

depart v 离开 启程
7 million people arrived while about 2 million departed.
million 百万
departure n 离开、启程
department 部 局 部门 系
the Labor Department 劳动部

participate v 参与
i 连接字母
infrom(通知,info) them about the details and encourage them to participate.
courage 勇气

participant n 参与者
though the participants didn't expect a positive experience;
though 虽然 尽管
positive 积极的 正向的
negative 消极的 负向的
subjective 主观的

particular adj 尤其的 特殊的 特定的 具体的
n 具体情况 详情
in particular 尤其 特别

-ial 形容词后缀
-ly 副词后缀
a- 加强
-ment 名词
de- 离开
-ure 名词后缀
-cip- 词根 to take
-ate 动词后缀
-ant 形容词、名词后缀

-oper-工作 work

operate v 操作、运转 动手术
operate on sb 为某人动手术
ex: the way our brains operate
operation n 操作 运转 手术
ex: individuals (个人) and business that damage habitat(栖息地) as part of their operation(运转);破坏栖息地作为他们运转一部分的个人和企业
operator 操作员
cooperate v 合作
cooperation n 合作
-ate 动词后缀
-ion 名词后缀
con 一起、共同
-ive 形容词
-ty 名词
-mote 动
pro-前 向前

cooperative adj 合作的
ex guilt(内疚) and sympathy(同情) may represent代表 different pathways路径 to cooperation and sharing。
empathy 共鸣

proper adj 合适的 适当的
Proper policies(policy 政策、方针) should be worked out(制定、解决、找到、计算) to promote促进 students to run经营 their own business;
properly adv 适当地
If you plan properly, you will know what you need.
property n 财产 特性
He must either sell some of his property or seek extra额外的 funds资金 in the form of loans.

appropriate adj 适当的 恰当的 合适的
The most appropriate title for this text could be ...
inappropriate adj 不 适当的 恰当的 合适的
Those responses反应 to tears are often inappropriate
appropriately adv
What we need to do is finding a way to acknowledge承认 and express what we feel appropriately

-vad- 行走 walk

-in 入 内 里
e- 出 外
invade v 入侵 侵略 侵犯
Tears can be obtained(获得,取得) painlessly without invading the body.
evade v 逃避 回避 避开
they tend to evade public engagement
tend to 倾向于
intend to 试图
engage 参与 订婚 约会
engagement 活动 婚约

-cess = -ceed = ced- 行走 前进 =go

ac- 或加强
suc- 接近
access v 接近 获取 使用 访问
n 进入 使用权
A hacker is able to access a computer database and to alter information there

v 处理 加工
n 过程 进程
But we take this process too far and end up suppressing压抑 emotions.情绪
too far 太过了
end up 以。。为结尾

success n 成功
successful adj
successfully adv
successive adj 连续的
succession 继任 继任权
a succession of 不断的 一连串
i've also experienced greater success in achieving my goals; 达成目标
But successive governments(历任政府) have presided(掌管、主持)over selling green spaces and declining 减少 attention on sport in education
the art market had witnessed 见证 a succession of victories。
succeed v 成功
He had to suffer many disappointments失望 and rejections 拒绝 along the way, but these made him more determined 有决心的下决心的 to succeed。
have to 不得不
you really disappointed me

excess n 超出 过量
excessive adj 过量的
what can be inferred推断 from the new studies of tears;
Exposure暴露(接触) to excessive medication药物医学 may increase emotional tears。
increase 增加
decrease 减少
recession n 经济衰退 萧条
The great recession may be over, but this era(时代)of high joblessness is probably beginning。

necessary adj 必要的 必须的
unnecessary adj
necessity n 必要 必需品
verbal expressions are unnecessary for emotional exchange
verbal 口头的 语言的
out of necessity 出于必要

-ject- 投掷 =throw

sub- 下 在...之下
subject n 科目 主题 adj 服从的 受支配
the main activity of the summer camp is to share the experience of learning different subjects.
subjective adj 主观的

object v 反对 n 对象 目标 物体
objective adj 客观的 n 宾语
Generally speaking the author's attitude toward gene基因 patenting专利 is
critical 批评的
supportive 支持的
scornful 轻蔑的 蔑视的
objective 客观的

project v 投影 n 项目 工程 方案
lack opportunities to apply for research projects.
reject v 拒绝
female job screeners are more likely to reject attractive有吸引力的 female applicants申请者.
screen 屏幕 屏障 屏风 v 筛选
screeners 面试官
be likely to 可能
rejection n 拒绝
we fear rejection, or that our innocent自以为的天真的无辜的 social advances will be misinterpreted as weird奇怪的怪异的
mis interpreted 误解

inject v 注入 注射
she kept trying to inject a little fun into their relationship.
injection n 注入 注射
they gave me an injection to help me sleep.打针