Beijing courtyard (齐倩)

Beijing courtyard is traditional courtyard architectures.



Structure ;Beijing courtyard has houses in north, south, west, and east four direction and all these houses formed a rectangle, and there is a yard in the center. It is an enclosed home, and there is only one door as an access to the street. When the residents close the door, the inner yard is an independent world and it is very efficient to protect the privacy. In the yard, all the doors towards the yard and the whole family get along well with each other; there always have Chinese flowering crabapple, pomegranate and goldfish in aquarium, these mean good lucky. 


The courtyard according to the size can be classified into  three kinds- the little courtyard, mid courtyard, and big courtyard.

History;Courtyard appeared in Yuan Dynasty. The style of courtyard was inherited in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The courtyard was in the period of the great prosperity. After Qing Dynasty, aggression by foreign power in China became semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. And the Chinese learned the technology and knowledge to make China more powerful, so the social situation affected the style of China traditional architecture, and the in courtyard had some western architecture decoration. From then, the courtyard was not popular than before.


During the Anti –Japanese invision War, and there was economic downturn. People rented their house to get money. The objective of the country was changed, there were many stranger people living in the same yard. In the Culture Revolution, many courtyards were be destroyed. During the earthquake of Tangshan, there were many shelters further destroyed the structure of courtyards. However, during the reform and opening, the Beijing courtyards were rebuilt.

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