|plumb-=lead铅,铅密度大,所以有快速降低、跳水(plunge)、圆胖(plump重)的意思;过去管子主要是铅做的,也有和管道相关的意思(plumber) #每日一词#

  • When ungulate populations plummeted, populations of carnivores such as the lion (Panthera leo) crashed as well. (Levin, 2013)
  • However, given the plummeting cost of NGS, in BOX 2 we consider when these methods, and perhaps genetic markers in general, might be superseded by whole-genome sequencing, and discuss the trade-offs between the two approaches for immediate projects. (Davey et al., 2011)
  • The window around position 200-300 showed a relatively normal level of Ka (relative to the rest of the gene), while Ks plummeted dramatically, especially in the human-dog comparison. (Walsh, Lynch, 2015)
  • Vulture (genus Gyps) populations in South Asia have plummeted due to inadvertent poisoning by the veterinary drug diclofenac, with three of five of India's vulture species Critically Endangered for this reason (Shultz et al., 2004). (Levin, 2013)


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