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 First, the holistic learning strategy should give you a model for how to learn better. Without an easily understandable theory of learning, it is difficult to make improvements. By seeing the holistic learning strategy.

The second objective of this book is to provide a variety of learning techniques.

 Quick Tip!

Holistic learning is based on linking ideas as a way of remembering and applying them. The best techniques to start learning are metaphor,visceralization, flow-based notetaking and diagraming. These methods form the foundation of holistic learning.

(一) Holistic learning is based on three main ideas

1. Constructs

A construct defines a set of tightly interlinked understandings. Think of a construct as being like a city in your mind. Understanding is the result of a highly developed construct.

2. Models

If constructs are the door to holistic learning, then models are the key. Models are simplified constructs. They are snapshots of larger understandings designed to be portable and easy to store. Models are essential when trying to learn new concepts quickly.

Models can take a variety of forms. The goal, however, is always the same:compressing information.Models are essential when you are just starting to build a construct or making large additions to current constructs.

The takeaway point about models is that they act like seeds for constructs. Like a small group of pioneers with compact building materials heading to fresh ground to start a new settlement. A compressed set of key ideas that can be expanded.

3. Highways

Constructs are built on roads linking buildings with one another. While having

hundreds of intercity roads is useful, it doesn’t make use of the real power of your holistic brain. In order to do that, you need to add highways: linkages between isolated constructs.A highway is a reference that links two completely different ideas.

4. Familiar Constructs

1) Sensory Constructs

You might even want to consider sensations to be the root construct that all others are built on.

2) Relationship Constructs

3) Basic Math Constructs

4) Constructs, Models and Highways, Oh My!