Conda clean 净化Anaconda

conda 安装的包都在目录Anaconda/pkgs下。随着使用,conda 安装的包也越来越多;有时候会出现以下不好的情况:

  • 有些包安装之后,从来没有使用过;
  • 一些安装包的tar包也保留在了计算机中;
  • 由于依赖或者环境等原因,某些包的不同版本重复安装。

上面的这些情况使得anaconda显得更加冗余,并且浪费储存;对于这些情况可以使用conda clean 净化Anaconda。

# 查看conda clean使用参数

$ conda clean -H
usage: conda clean [-h] [-a] [-i] [-l] [-p] [-t] [-f]
                   [-c TEMPFILES [TEMPFILES ...]] [-d] [--json] [-q] [-v] [-y]

Remove unused packages and caches.


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.

Removal Targets:
  -a, --all             Remove index cache, lock files, unused cache packages,
                        and tarballs.
  -i, --index-cache     Remove index cache.
  -l, --lock            Remove all conda lock files.
  -p, --packages        Remove unused packages from writable package caches.
                        WARNING: This does not check for packages installed
                        using symlinks back to the package cache.
  -t, --tarballs        Remove cached package tarballs.
  -f, --force-pkgs-dirs
                        Remove *all* writable package caches. This option is
                        not included with the --all flag. WARNING: This will
                        break environments with packages installed using
                        symlinks back to the package cache.
                        Remove temporary files that could not be deleted
                        earlier due to being in-use. Argument is path(s) to
                        prefix(es) where files should be found and removed.

Output, Prompt, and Flow Control Options:
  -d, --dry-run         Only display what would have been done.
  --json                Report all output as json. Suitable for using conda
  -q, --quiet           Do not display progress bar.
  -v, --verbose         Can be used multiple times. Once for INFO, twice for
                        DEBUG, three times for TRACE.
  -y, --yes             Do not ask for confirmation.


    conda clean --tarballs

# conda clean使用
## 删除从不使用的包

$ conda clean --packages

## 删除tar包

$ conda clean --tarballs

## 删除索引缓存、锁定文件、未使用过的包和tar包。

$ conda clean -a 

conda clean