Today is Friday.

The lessons continued as they sailed closer and closer to an island in the bay. Amelia asked Pearl whether she had ever been to the island. The answer is no. Pearl said, "Funny how you don’t usually do things right on your front doorstep," which means very close or accessible. They steered closer to the island and the sailboat ran aground with a jolt. They waded ashore and found an old cottage. They were scared by lots of beady eyes in the bushes, which they finally knew were blackberries. They picked up a bucket of blackberries, which weighted about 50 pounds. And then Pearl steered as they practiced tacking on their way back to the marina. Their moms were talking about that they need some fruits for cooking. After the dinner Amelia played board games with Jason and she felt tired again while Jason read his favorite book for her. She decided to stay awake to see whether Jason really did go out the window. Finally Jason turned out the light. He called Amelia's name for confirming whether she had been asleep. Amelia pretended to be asleep. Jason changed his clothes and snuck through the window.