Day22 Cover letter

April 24th,2017

Mr. Liu

Manager of XueSi education school

Re: apply teaching position teacher job searching

Mr. liu,

I am so excited to see your timely reply, and the position I am interested is middle school English teacher, with four years study of English, I am equipped with professional knowledge, and I have already passed TEM4 and also with full marks in listening comprehension during the CET4 test. Having similar experiences in LingHang education and also being a tutor for a few month, I am quite confident that I will be able to this job.

As I am an outgoing girl, people will find me easy to get along well with. Besides studying, I also cultivated many hobbies, take dance as an example, I have learnt it from 9 years old, by learning it, I become persistent in during works working and free myself from worries or pressure.

In short, I am honest and warm-hearted, be ready to challenge and learn new things. good at communicating and treat every students with respects and patience. thus I am looking forward to you reply!

Yours sincerely,



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