Never Give Up

After failing another language test, I felt somehow frustrated and confused about myself as well as my future. So I got in contact with an agent with a good reputation and my writing tutor today before sharing their feedbacks with Jenny after supper. It seems to be a choice between time and money which I will invest in the coming days. Considering that I am not coming from a rich family and I do not want to bother myself with a big debt to pursue further study, I resolve to give another shot(s) until I eventually make it. Stubborn as I am, I believe that where there is a will, there is a way.

Everyone has got his or her story over a lifetime and it is nice to be a patient narrator or a listener. Apart from talking about my English study strategies, Jenny and I told each other what kind of heart knots we have had while we grew up. It turned out that we both lacked love in our childhood and would like to make it up by giving our beloved ones as much care as we can. Hearing her saying “Your parents did not hurt your talent actually. Instead, what they have hurt are your feelings”, I could not help shedding tears because she just said what has confused and kept me in silence for so many years. As humans, what we need is not only IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) but also LQ (love quotient).

A Good Attitude Towards English Study

P.S. Jenny went into the direction of the bathroom and told me that “Since you come back, I get a warmer toilet seat!” Ha!

P.P.S. I cannot imagine tomorrow is already Saturday because I have just worked one day before I can enjoy a whole weekend. I wish every week can be like this! But the flip side is I cannot earn much money in that way. Ja!


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