Dear John : day7





1.What made John realize that time is relative?

John wanted to see Savannah again  while he had to  wait for her in hour.He felt time was gone so slowly not as before. Einstein have postulated time could be changed in some conditions.

2.Would John's father like to meet Savannah?

Yes,when John opened the door he heard him sigh,with a soft voice barely heard,"I'd like to meet Savannah,too".

3.What made John feel jealous?

When he saw Savannah was sitting as close to Randy as she had been to seemed they looked like a couple.

4.How did John's father feel about Savannah's visit?

He was happy ,John knew it ,John could see the way his eyes gleamed as he gestured to a  coin.

5.How did Savannah feel about John's father?

She felt John's father was warm heart and gentle. She said she understood why John had got in so much trouble when he was younger.