Beyond Feelings 《超越感觉》CH13笔记——找到错误的根源



Knowing the right terminology is advantageous, but more important is recognizing where reasoning has gone awry and being able to explain the error in terms of the issue involved. In the vast majority of cases, plain language will do that job nicely.

归根结底,批判性思维围绕truth, opinion,statement, evidence, premise, assumption, argument, conclusion这些概念展开, 错误也和这几个概念息息相关。

比如分析 Poverty of aspect的错误,我们可以追溯到opinion的概念,因为个人认知的局限性等等原因, unwarranted assumptions同样可以规到opinion认知困难一类,等等。


1. wheeze

息;气喘吁吁;If someone wheezes, they breathe with difficulty and make a whistling sound. [V] [V with quote]

He had quite serious problems with his chest and wheezed and coughed all the time...


2. tirade

激愤的长篇演说;长篇的批评性发言;A tirade is a long angry speech in which someone criticizes a person or thing.

She launched into a tirade against the policies that ruined her business...


3. early/late/riser

someone who usually gets out of bed early late

4. dereliction

破败;弃置;年久失修;If a building or a piece of land is in a state of dereliction, it is deserted or abandoned.

The previous owners had rescued the building from dereliction.



[VERB 动词] 招惹;刺激;激怒;If you goad someone, you deliberately make them feel angry or irritated, often causing them to react by doing something. [V n into n/-ing] [V n]

He wondered if the psychiatrist was trying to goad him into some unguarded response...



In chapter 13, the author summarizes all errors which occur at various stages of the thinking process. “Mine-is-better” thinking is the most fundamental critical thinking error. The other errors in thinking are at least aggravated by “mine-is-better” thinking.

The part two section helps us to avoid the errors in our thinking and help us recognize them when they occur in other people’s thinking.


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