20190409 rivalry

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n. rivalry is competition for fighting between people, business, or organizations who are in the same area or want the same things. 可变名词   竞争,敌对

competition for the same objective or superiority in the same field




1. There has been increasing rivalry between China and the US in military, economy, and technology.

2. Many Internet companies are engaed in the rivalry over who has the largest number of daily active users.

3. The brutal rivalry enables you to constantly gauge and calibrate your decision.

gauge /ɡeɪdʒ/ v. (用仪器)测量,判断/审视(judge/consider) n. 测量仪器,(判断、评价)标准,轨距

calibrate /ˈkælɪˌbreɪt/ v.校准 (adjust to measure accurately)

4. The growing strategic rivalry between the two superpowers is putting pressure on American business and investors in two ways. During the cold war business was largely untroubled by superpower rivalry because the Soviet Union was an unwelcoming, closed economy. 这两个超级大国之间日益增长的战略竞争正从两个方面给美国企业和投资者带来压力。在冷战期间,由于苏联是一个不受欢迎的封闭经济体,企业界基本上没有受到超级大国竞争的困扰。



Fierce/sever rivalry among cell phone manufacturers makes the price of smartphone become cheaper and cheaper. (自己)

The intense rivalry among smartphone makers has brought down the prices of gadgets. / Thanks to the bitter rivalry among smartphone makers, smartphones have become cheaper. (参考翻译)

分析:激烈的竞争,fierce/sever/intense/bitter rivalry/competition

gadget /ˈɡædʒɪt/ n. a gadget is a small machine or device which does something useful. 小器械 (有时暗指复杂、不必要的东西) 这里用得不太准确,手机可以说是很必要的了。



The rivalry for promotion to department manager this time will be fierce becasue the other candidates also have capacities/abilities to manage a department.