The food

      Hi! Everyone. My name is Larry. I'm so happy today. Because I will talk about food with you.

        Each country has its own food. Chinese food, Italian food British food,Japanese food and Greek food……They're tasty.

          Chinese food is popular around the world. Like hotpot,dumplings,noodles and roast duck. The hotpot is hot,Which is also hot in other countries. Dumplings are my favourite food. They 're very delicious. There are many kinds of dumplings. Such as pork dumplings,beef dumplings and vegetables dumplings.I like them all. Noodles are tasty,too. Some are salty,some are hot. prefer the hot noodles. The Roust duck is from Beijing. Tt has a long history dating to Qing Dynasty,and it's very famous in China.

        Italy is a country which is for noodles and pizza. They are both delicious and have a nice taste. What's more,the steak is also popular,everyone who    travels to Italy must have a try.

        British sweet food is very delicious. Such as cake,pudding,bread ……I like the cake with cheese and fruits. Red wine is good but we are too young to drink it.

        I like Japanese food,too. Sushi,seafood,noodles……Japanese seafood is very tasty

because of its special weather which is suitable for fish to live in. I think,sushi with seafood is great! I like sushi.

      All in all,every country has its own food and everyone has his own favourite food. At last,I want to ask you a question,What is your favourite food?

      That's all,thank you!