Happiness in class

They always criticize me as a kind of sacrifice teacher. But I know no pain, no gains. I love them so they may love me. For the one percent of their respect, I think it's worth a try.

I used every nerve to think of a game so that they may have fun in learning Chinese. Through this process, I got to know it's more fun when you know how to appreciate and devote to the soundly stupid and naive games. Actually that is what different students' reflection to me. Some of them can really enjoy, but not all of them. To be honest, as a teacher, we can't make it possible to appeal to everyone's interest...

Today, it's funny when a student use the body language of the four last tone to describe Austrilia. When a student find "nainai" when saying its repeated. When a student describe banana by using ugly gesture, that's really open-minded. They are really good at expressing themselves.

And when singing " what's your nationality" they are really mouthful. 你是哪国人,where are you from.

They invited me to celebrate the new year in class. And I thought about it. Maybe we can give it a shot.

I just want to write down all the happy moments sharing with all the students.

Memory with HR A class