2018-11-27 hurdle


英英释义:a problem or difficulty that you must deal with before you can achieve something. 

例句:Life is all about jumping over one hurdle after another and keeping moving on. 生活是解决一个又一个问题不断往前走的过程。

"hurdle" 是可数名词,本意是”栏架“,常被引申为” 障碍“, 常见,好用,形象,当我们想表达”克服xx障碍“  ”解决xx问题“时,除了使用problem, difficulty,obstacle外,还可以使用hurdles.

Hurdle 前经常搭配的动词除了“ jump over”,还有clear, overcome等,比如创业会面临一系列的挑战,例如融资,招人,持续增长等,就可以说:

To run a start-up, one needs clear a series of hurdles, and securing enough funding is simply one of them. 


Every entrepreneur has to clear the financial hurdle to get their project started. 


When Didi, a Chinese cab-hailing app, first started, it had to overcome the regulatory hurdle. 


1. 搭配 Verb. 

clear ~ , jump(over) ~ , overcome, pass:清除障碍 / 跨越障碍 / 渡过障碍 / 渡过难关; 

例句:You have already overcome the first major hurdle by passing the entrance exam. 

2. 搭配 Adj. 

big ~ , difficult ~ , main ~ , major ~ , first ~ , last ~ , next ~ , 大障碍/主要障碍/最后的障碍; 第一关/最后一关/下一关

例句:The first big hurdle in putting your car on the road is getting insurance. 让车子上路的第一关就是购买保险。


1. 翻译


- The big hurdle for Chinese students who wish to study in the US is TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language. 

- A big hurdle that Chinese students who wish to study in the US face is TOEFL.

- To get admitted to US colleges, Chinese students have to clear a difficult hurdle: TOEFL, an English language proficiency test. 

2. 造句


~造句:The newly graduated college student has just overcome the first major hurdle by passing the interview.