CC4: My A Le Tai

My A Le Tai is a book's name, which was wrote by Li Juan. And A Le Tai is a distance place in the northwest China. My name has the same word "Juan" with the author. This extremely common name made me dislike this book at my first sight. I never heard this name before. I didn't think I have time to read an unknown and seems useless book. But it was a prize, for free. So I took it home and read its first article when I was waiting for the elevator, and then couldn't stop it until I realized this book was worth reading bit by bit. I read over it and listen over it. And now I am talking about it.

Through Li Juan's article, I can see she is standing on the vast grassland. Winds are blowing, horses are running, herdsman are saying hello to her loudly. Around her, Seasons are changing, everything is moving swiftly, but she is still. She tasted all the surrounding elements, gave them emotions ,feelings, dreams and personalities. She is genius in capturing tiny beautiful moments and expressing her feelings in a touching but natural way. Readers are seduced into the A Le Tai world without awareness. A boring, cruel and lonely place turnout to be a wonderland.

I can't remember when was the last time I read this kind of book. It might has been years. Resent years, Useful is the first standard for me to choose books. But I bought them and made them decorated my wall not my mind. Because I have no time to read them! Because I can't squeeze time for them! And I don't want to save time for them. Deep in my heart, They are not my true love. So I filled My spare time with entertainment news and fragment readings. Eat with my phone, walk with my phone, sleep with my phone, my eyes and ears are always occupied by phone. My A Le Tai reminds me the feeling of reading a beloved book. And LiJuan's aimless strolling among the nature brings me peace.

I know i can't stop making useful choice, one part of me has to work as a computer-inputting, matching and then fetching. I will try to preserve a space for useless things. Write like no one else will read,  read like no target to achieve, and think like no joys or sorrows to unburden. I can't tell what exactly i will do, it's a blank world, no rules and recommendations.

One day after dinner, my son and I had no plan. We walked along the noisy road, no destination and purpose. he was jumping and running ahead,  I was strolling behind him with nothing in my mind and with phone inside my bag. We chose turn occasionally. On the way, I noticed a dog was lying on the ground leisurely with eyes closed. A retailer was having dinner with his family and the delicious huobaofeichang made my mouth watering. A clinic was bankcrupt and is advertising for a new one. One hour later, we turned back to home as we felt enough. This was a amazing journey with nothing happened and nothing completed. But I felt fulfilled and relaxed. You may want to know, Am I going to I schedule another one. No! My Next blank time can happen at any time in any way.


I know I can't sleep on the wild grassland, watch the blue sky and the soul-white clouds as LiJuan does. But when my mind is blank, my sense organs are free. I can feel the same thing she can. I know I have found my own A Le Tai.