• the girl with blond hair wearing nothing on her body except necklace on her neck and strings of bracelaces around her wrists,wearing rings on both of her ringfingers with butterfly tatoos on her forearms.
  • the girl putting her right arms bending together flat on the upper side of a big fish which is erected on its edge.


  • rljs by sennchi Timeline of History Part One The Cognitiv...
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  • 其实想做王子啊 右手拿剑 左手有光 金盔银甲 神气得不行的那种
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  • 生活就像一列火车,你不知道它会载着你去哪,也不知道前途的风景会是怎样,更不知道下一个与你同坐的人会是哪位。或许,你...
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